- PROJECT MANAGEMENT, INSTALLATION, TESTING, COMMISSIONING AND MAINTENANCE FOR: “SIGNALLING SYSTEM FOR SUBURBAN LINE BUENAVISTA-CUAUTITLAN. MEXICO DF: Buenavista – Cuautitlan suburban railway line Construction. This line has 26 km length and it will connect two delegations of the Federal District with 11 municipalities of Mexico State. It will account for seven stations: Buenavista, Fortuna, Tlalnepantla, San Rafael, Lechería, Tultitlán and Cuautitlán, that all of them form what is called “Main Rail” together with a patio for the maintenance and deposit of cars and passengers locomotives in Pantaco. The corridor is integrated by a system of four main rails, apart from the patios, workshops and installations for the loading operations. Of the existing main rails, two of them are electrified, and they are identified as “Juárez” and “Morelos” and they have as origin the North edge of the Buena Vista patio, running parallel up to the Cuatitlán station. Said rails will be re-conditioned in order to form the suburban line of Mexico.


- Consulting services for feasibility study with final engineering study and environmental impact of the project and tender basis for the construction of the project: “construction of the north interoceanic railway Yurimaguas- Iquitos”. Peru.   length: 550 km

-  220 kv transmission line Moyobamba-Iquitos and associated electrical substations


- Preparation of tender documents: "Project management (gerenciamiento) of the high speed line Sao Paolo-Rio de Janeiro"/EPL (project cancelled)
- Sao Paolo metro.CPTM