Auxitec team has coordinated engineering and planning activities of complex industrial consortiums, executors of large high-speed railway projects in the world, with a total of more than 2000 km of double track high-speed. The coordination of internal and external interfaces is essential, as well as the management of incidents and conflicts of interest.

The knowledge gained by the Engineering, Management and Supervision, and Development of Products Services, together with a holistic view of the work issues as we have worked both with the contracting entity side and on the installation side allows us to offer contractors specialised services during the works implementation.

These services range from specific activities as a technical bureau to a complete outsourcing service of the works tasks either for execution management or quality internal control, or even more, taking full responsibility for the entire physical execution of the works.

Some of these services are the support provided to the technical bureaux of High Speed Lines in Spain and the support provided to the implementation of an energy system or even the fact of taking full responsibility for the entire construction and put in operation of the safety installations and communications of the suburban train in México D.F.

Thanks to the team experience, the networking that the team has accrued during the last 25 years, offers the possibility to incorporate the best world experts of different areas from the most prestigious multinational companies and railway administrations