Auxiliary Detection Systems

Auxiliary Detection Systems are used to supervise infrastructures, which enables to adapt at any moment the train circulation to the existing conditions in the infrastructure. In this way, the best safety and comfort conditions are insured on High Speed Lines. According to the detected parameter we can mention:

- Seismic detectors, that can identify earthquakes and send the automatic instruction to stop de train ( very necessary in sensitive areas such    as California).
- Detectors of Air Flows into a Tunnel.
- Detectors of Object Fell on a Track.
- Detectors of Hot Boxes.
- Detectors of Lateral Wind.
- Detectors of Vertical Impact.
- Detectors of Pantograph Dynamic Behaviour.
- Detectors of Objects Dragged.
- Detectors of Catenary Breaking

We have worked in their design and installation; moreover, we have developed a remote control and a concentrator.